List of certified YUMEIHO therapists

The inventor of the method is dr Saionji Masayuki - the director of the International Institute of Preventive Medicine in Tokyo. Due to detailed design of the YMEIHO therapy, he made it extremely useful in treatment of pain in motor organs, correction of vertebral curvatures - especially side curvatures, and prevention of a number of other ailments. powiększenie
powiększenie It is recommended in: dysfunctions of vertebral column and its regions manifesting in pain or impairment of internal organs - spinal disc herniation, sciatica, limb numbness, low-back pain (lumbago), inflammatory conditions of joints (mainly sacroiliac joint), some cases of painful menstruation, migraines, pain and asymmetry of joints and muscles (e.g. different length of lower limbs), scoliosis (particularly functional, early stages without fixed changes of vertebra structure). In most cases the improvement of the patient's condition results from reaching
the source of the problem and removing it, instead of treating symptoms.


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YUMEIHO therapy concerns obtaining appropriate position in the area of the sacrum and pelvic girdle. Obtained symmetrical position of the pelvis is the foundation for the vertebral column. This state facilitates appropriate transfer of axial loads and setting the centre of gravity. powiększenie
powiększenie As a therapeutic system YUMEIHO is a series of treatments - the number of which is selected individually for the patient, and where we utilize most of the hundred elements provided in
the therapy. They are mainly: original massage, which differs from classic massage techniques,
and appropriate for manual techniques elements of stimulation and manipulation in the areas of joints.
The treatment in HaSa centres is provided by physiotherapists, certified masseurs with professional preparation to KOTSOBAN YUMEIHO manual therapy and classic massage - members of THE POLISH ASSOCIATION OF YUMEIHO. powiększenie
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