For several years "Hasa" - THE AUTHORISED CENTRE FOR MANUAL THERAPIES in Bielsko-Biała, its Bydgoszcz branch and other centres which specialize in YUMEIHO method and are members of The Polish Association of Yumeiho, have been organizing posture check-ups for children and the youth. In this way we were able to correct grade 1 scoliosis in a number of children, and in many cases correct single-curve scoliosis, thus not allowing for its development into double-curve scoliosis.

Strongly preventive character of YUMEIHO method saved a number of young people from undergoing a backbone operation. With grade 2 and 3 curvatures YUMEIHO therapy prepared patients to operation.
Prevention, early detection of scoliosis and APPROPRIATE, quick action, may save us from lots of worries and personal tragedy.

From our observations and those made by dr. Saionji Masayuki from the Clinics of Preventive Medicine in Tokyo (the inventor of YUMIEHO method), we can conclude that probably the most frequent reason for backbone side curvature (scoliosis) is asymmetrical position of pelvis in relation to the vertebral column. This asymmetry, according to YUMEIHO theory, is probably transferred mechanically onto a child in the mother's womb, and is a direct cause of single-curve scoliosis (reversible) and double-curve scoliosis.
During check-ups of faulty posture in children we determine symmetry of a child's bone structure. Lack of this symmetry means that pelvis bones are displaced.
When diagnosing so-called single-curve scoliosis, we propose immediate pelvis correction. Removing this type of scoliosis takes relatively little time.
In double-curve scoliosis we propose a series of individual treatments, where we correct pelvis asymmetry, manually stimulate vertebral column and use an original kneading and compression massage.
The treatment is safe, painless and carefully designed.
The therapeutic treatment in our centres is provided by certified physiotherapists, professionally trained in YUMEIHO and SCHROTH's therapy.
A young person entering adult life with straight spine wins health!
Stanislaw Korbański - certified therapist and YUMEIHO trainer


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