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History of the company

I founded the surgery with my wife Inka in winter, 1988 in Bielsko-Biala as a specialist surgery in the area of leg care and classic body massage.

Two years later, Japanese Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Saionji Masayuki, the creator of YUMEIHO method – therapy for manual correction of pelvis - began teaching this method to Polish and European physicians, masseurs and physiotherapists.

After completing the initial stages I underwent the final apprenticeship under doc Masayuki in the International Institute of Preventive Medicine in Tokyo. Od powrotu z Japonii the patients were treated mainly with YUMEIHO method in the areas of:

1. Pain of the locomotor system

2. Correction of scoliosis (lateral curvature of the spine) with children and youth..

YUMEIHO therapy is safe, painless, carefully designed and offering very good therapeutic results, especially in treating scoliosis.

After a few years, as YUMEIHO® therapist in 1999 I passed an exam for instructor degree and trained a few young physiotherapists for the needs of the developing company, including my sons Marcin and Damian, for the certified therapists of this method.

My other students were: Kasia Kucharska-Foltarz, Andrzej Pastor, Rafael Marczak, Bartosz Chomiuk, Jacek Malek, Michał Pawlik, Krzysztof Sosna i Paweł Adryjenko.

Many of us still deepen their knowledge of manual medicine by attending postgraduate courses including those under the patronage of the Polish Physician Association of Manual Medicine or the Medical University of Silesia.

Therefore, for treating our patients we use, apart from the leading YUMEIHO® method, also the techniques of manual orthopaedic therapy of Dr. J. CYRIAX and respiratory techniques of Dr. LEHNERT - SCHROTH. A superb complement of treatment of pain in the locomotor system or the correction of scoliosis is the employment of the so-called medical kinesiotaping , i.e. sticking kinesiologic tapes on the pathological areas.

We have been helping our patients for over 20 years employing our experience and professionalism in this service.

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